MüllerÖl antifreezes are represented by GT11, GT12 +, GT13 classes and meet the highest requirements of world car makers. The cooling fluids are developed on the base of ethylene glycol or mono ethylene glycol with the addition of a multifunctional additive package. Antifreezes are designed for the truck cooling systems with up-to-date diesel and gasoline engines. Ideally balanced additive package protects the cooling system from corrosion, oxidation, preventing the deposit formation. A special formula is neutral to rubber and aluminum parts. The high-quality antifreezes ensure effective engine protection against overheating while increasing the life of the radiator, thermostat and water pump. ACB specialists have upgraded the formula of MullerOl antifreezes that assures excellent lubricating properties in any operating conditions providing maximum cooling effectiveness of the engine. The application of the product allows increasing of the service intervals between the technical fluid replacement.

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