Motor oils

MüllerÖl all-season engine oils ensure the trouble free operation of commercial equipment. A wide range of engine oils is designed for gasoline and diesel engines of mixed vehicle fleet. MüllerÖl high-quality oils retain excellent lubricating properties even at low temperatures, providing a quick start to the cold engine. AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists considered all the requirements for the engine oils used for the high-speed diesel engines as well as for the high capacity gasoline engines operating under severe conditions. Reliable protection of the engine against early wear and corrosion is guaranteed by the ideally balanced formula of the high-quality lube feedstock and functional additives. MüllerÖl lubricants are characterized by excellent anti-friction, anti-seized, detergent and dispersant properties. A long service life and fuel economy is a special feature of ASB oils which is very important for this kind of equipment.

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