Transmission oils

German traditional quality is a range of ACB MüllerÖl transmission oils. Lubricants are designed to lubricate the transmission boxes with any type of gears including hypoid gears which are used for gearboxes, axles, transfer boxes, steering mechanisms operating under heavy loads. A key oil feature is a formation of oil hard film, which is capable to withstand a heavy load produced by the friction joints. Transmission oils are developed on the basis of the high-quality lube feedstock having high degree of purification with addition of the effective anti-seized additives. Quality transmission oil avails to reduce fuel consumption and increase oil drain intervals. MüllerÖl oil range can be all-season used to lubricate manual transmissions of vehicles and trucks, mobile equipment. Excellent lubricant performance ensures smooth gear shifting over a wide temperature range. MüllerÖl lubricants meet the car makers’ requirements of European standards and specifications.

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