AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists have developed a range of the antifreezes with effectively balanced composition that fully meets the requirements of automakers around the world. MüllerÖl antifreezes are recommended for use for all types of engines. MüllerÖl antifreeze concentrates provide all-season reliable engine protection. The high boiling point and low freezing temperature provide trouble-free car cooling system operation. The product effectively protects all parts of the cooling system (cooling system channels in the cylinder block, radiator, water pump and thermostat) against corrosion; it has low foaming and good lubricating properties. Antifreezes are neutral to rubber gaskets and metal. The range of high-quality antifreeze is represented by GT11, GT12+, GT13 classes. Using MüllerÖl antifreezes you can be sure of reliable protection of your vehicle under any conditions. MüllerÖl antifreeze is characterized by the best high quality and reasonable price ratio.

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