Motor oils

MüllerÖl engine oils are the combination of the requirements for the world leading car makers and German traditional manufacturing methods. Oils are made of the high quality lube feedstock with an ultra-modern well balanced additive package. The range of engine oils for cars is represented by a wide choice of products for both petrol and diesel engines with different load duties. Lubricants are characterized by effective lubricating, antifriction and anti-seize properties so that there is a substantial fuel saving. The use of high-quality lubricants prevents the formation of sludge and deposits.

MüllerÖl engine oils exhibit excellent performances in case of engine “cold” start. Due to formation of the extra protective coating on the engine surfaces oil formula is sensitive to the operation changes. Our lubricants provide effective protection of the engine against wear and corrosion increasing its life. Engine oils for light vehicles shall comply with API and ACEA specifications. AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH carries out both laboratory and “field” tests of its oils for real vehicles assuring combination of ideal quality and performances. Except for engine oil the product range includes transmission and hydraulic oils as well as a number of other specialty products.

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