About us

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH is one of the most promising companies in Europe.
- We run business in three continents and in 50 countries.
- We produce more than 300 types of automotive products.

High-tech manufacturing with advanced solutions and modern equipment usage makes it possible to produce more than 200 tons of packed up products daily. We intensively expand and upgrade the range in cooperation with the world product manufacturers to improve the quality of oils, cooling and braking fluids. Quality control at all stages of production is ensured by the existing of our own certified laboratory.

MüllerÖl brand represents German traditional quality when coupled with state-of-the-art technologies.
Our mission is a concern about car enthusiasts. We produce fine products that maintain reliable vehicle operation.
Our strategic priority: - Establishment of the powerful incorporation acting as an integrated enterprise for the vehicle lubricants and some other technical fluids manufacturing and distribution.
- Offering of the adequate quality product at a reasonable price.
- Continuous brand improvement as well as constant range expansion. In the production process we use the best quality, innovative technologies that assure the product uniqueness at the current market.
- Solicitous attitude to the natural resources and maintenance of the safety environment policy at the plants.
- Ensuring high level of the produced products safety.

Cooperating with us you acquire a reliable partner.

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